Video #1 - Saturday Wedding andVideo #2 - Saturday Receptionare posted below for your viewing pleasure…

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Two weddings took place for Deerheart and Marc on May 24th and 25th in Nevada City. There will eventually be three videos here. The first one, posted below, is the wedding on Saturday the 25th. The second video, also posted below, is the reception on Saturday the 25th. And the third video (eventually) posted will be the wedding on Friday the 24th.

The entire Saturday wedding was filmed by Heather in portrait mode, and her video also provides the audio. Thank you Heather! Terry (that's me) filmed only parts of the Saturday wedding in landscape mode.

Saturday's reception was also filmed by Heather in portrait mode, and I filmed in landscape mode. For both videos, combining portrait and landscape video onto one screen was the only solution - and that is why the format of these videos look different and unique.

To display these videos, I first created a YouTube Channel, which is unusable now - read on. Then, I uploaded this HD video to that YouTube Channel, only to have the video blocked because of musical copyright for one song. See blocked video. For the time being, these videos will be shown here on this website, at a lower resolution than YouTube. Eventually, Deerheart and Marc will receive the original HD digital videos.